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Spent Mushrooms Substrate (SMS)
  • Spent Mushrooms Substrate (SMS)

    At Northeast Worms we are now offering spent mushroom blocks, composted from a local organic Mushrooms farm. Each bag contain 10 pounds of SMS and was prepared in a sterile laboratory using a high quality enriched sawdust formula blend of 50% Oak Wood & 50% Soy before it was turned into mushroom compost. 


    Spent substrate blocks have been shown to promote soil health and tilth, increase plant yields and size as well as time to yield fruit when compared to crops that were planted without compost in the same conditions at the same time. 


    As a soil amendment, spent substrate adds organic matter and structure to the soil. Spent substrate primarily improves soil structure and it does provide a few nutrients. Spent substrate is the choice ingredient by those companies making the potting mixtures sold in supermarkets or garden centers. These companies use spent substrate when they need a material to enhance the structure of a soil.


    SMS is also a great food source for your worms. Worms loves this precomposted substrate and, when processed by the worms, will add a lot of beneficial microorganism, macro and micto nutrients and "last but not least" mycelium to your finished compost. Adding SMS to your worms' feeding routine will improve the quality of your worm casting.


    Keep the SMS moist, do not let the Substrate dry out.

    Read the full article regarding SMS HERE


    They can even still produce oyster mushrooms if the conditions are right. Help loop the food system with this all natural fertilizer! 


    NOTE: If you choose to grow mushrooms with spent mushroom substrate, Northeast Worms Company frees itself of liability from proper harvesting, identifying, cooking, and others not listed here. You consume mushrooms grown from spent mushroom substrate at your own risk.


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