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We just get the labs result for our worm casting and can't be better, the lab technician compliment us because we have one of the best and richer worm casting that they have ever tested, and this MAKE ME PROUD, "hard work always pay back" 


Casting lab1.png

As you can see on the picture above we have a very good amount of bacteria and fungi, a perfect Ph (7.1), an amazing number of Nitrogen and Protozoa (flagellates). The high numbers of Ciliates that usually indicates anaerobic conditions is not applied to Worm Casting, those numbers are indicates for soil compost and the system indicate higher than normal by default.

Casting lab2.png

The above image of the Nematode Details, shows the outstanding number and variety of bacterial feeders, our bacteria are feed very wheel and with a good variety of food :)

You can also notice the high good quantity of Fungal/root feeders and "last but not least" the amazing number of "Predatory" Nematodes that feed on the 'bad bacteria" and take care of what we don't want on our Casting.

Casting lab3.png

Above a graphic of the results, again the Ciliates high number is nothing to be worried about.

Casting lab4.png

In the above image the Bio Available Nutrients and the Ph.

Organic matter 42.2%, this is something that you don't find very easy in a worm casting and this is because I feed to my worms "real food", not only Dairy Cow's Manure like the big commercial worm farm, I produce small batch but the best quality.

Note the high presents of Micronutrients, that's very exciting, now I know why last season my plants went nuts and become huge and high productive.

The high numbers of Sulfates and Chloride is, with a lot of probability, because the tap water, anyway is not something to be worried about. In the new location I will apply a filter to the tap water but only because I want 'PERFECT NUMBERS" 

Following the final considerations from the lab, as you can see the lab's result shown how good our Worm Casting is:

"Pretty much any crop that you use this material on, the plants will really like it!"


"Don’t change much, and don’t change fast! Those worms look happy!"


"Keep doing what you’re doing! :-)"

Casting labFINAL RESULT1.png
Casting labFINAL RESULT2.png
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