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What is Worm Chow?

Worm Chow is an easy, concentrated worm food solution and is designed to be the sole diet for breeding and growing worms. Worm Chow contains the essential ingredients to increase worm size, increase reproduction and aid in the development of healthier compost worms. Worm Chow is completely safe to plants, animals, humans and the environment.

Worm Chow is great for fattening up your worms for fishing. It provides the additional protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients vital to growing large, healthy worms. Worm Chow is also very useful if your bin is over moist and you want to feed your worms dry food while the bedding dries a little bit, is absolutely safe and will make your worms more than happy.

Usually Worm Chow is made with grain products and other ingredients that are immediately available to the worms because they are in pulverized form and when you mix with the bedding for the worms is a feast, they grow in size, breed more and for that reason worm chow is the only food usually used in breeding trays.

Northeast Worms Worm Chow is a complete and balanced food for your worms, you immediately will notice the difference of size and number of worms in your bin. You can use worms chow in addition to your regular feeding routine, just to give a boost. Our Worm Chow contains all the grit the worms need and you can use it just to add grit to your bin and at the same time give your worms important nutrients that a diet based only on kitchen scraps can’t provide.

Using high quality Worm Chow will result in having amazing and well balanced worm casting, easy to harvest because you do not have not processed food and is very fine and easy to sift.

If you are looking for big, fat and happy worms to use for fishing the Northeast Worms Worm Chow is what you need to use. Watch HERE the video with our European Nightcrawlers feed only with our special recipe Worm Chow. If you want to boost the reproduction of your worms and/or start a new reproduction bin, Worm chow is what you need to feed to your worms. If your main goal is to compost your kitchen scraps, using Worm Chow like grit gives your worms and your casting the boost that you want.

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