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Turbo Sift™ by Wormgear
  • Turbo Sift™ by Wormgear



    The Turbo Sift™ compost screener is a tool for small-scale Worm Farmers.

    It offers speed, efficiency and convenience in separating worms, cocoons, bedding material, and finished compost or vermicast.

    It is a lightweight and professional tool to upgrade homemade DIY screeners.


    Material: Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, Turbo Sift™ is designed for strength and longevity, resisting rust and wear.


    Mobility: Outfitted with custom molded wheels and ball bearings. Turbo Sift™ offers effortless maneuverability over standard mortar tubs, enhancing your workflow and productivity.


    Compatibility: Precision-engineered to securely fit standard size mortar tubs, ensuring stable and efficient sifting.


    Adaptability: The ability to change out screens provides a flexible system, ready to meet the varying requirements of your vermicomposting projects.


    Turbo Sift™ Standard includes one sifting screen with mesh opening size of 4mm or 5/32inches, ideal for red wigglers and other small compost worms.


    Turbo Sift™ Mega Pack includes 4 mesh sizes for every screening job:

    3mm = 1/8 inch

    4mm = 5/32 inch

    5mm = 3/16 inch

    6mm = 1/4 inch




    Check the video of this product on you tube;

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