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Organic Pulverized Raw Bone Meal NPK 1-29-0

Organic Pulverized Raw Bone Meal NPK 1-29-0

Organic Pulverized Raw Bone Meal NPK 1-29-0

Calcium (Ca) 31%

3Lbs. Bag


Bone meal is considered the one of the best natural source of phosphorus because, unlike rock phosphate or colloidal rock phosphate, it breaks down more rapidly by soil microbial activity. Bone Meal also contains calcium and some trace minerals. It is an excellent supplement for lessening transplant shock, promoting blossom and fruit sets, and encouraging healthy and extensive root systems.

Our bone steamed bone meal is derived exclusively from a porcine source and it is carefully processed to create the highest quality of all-natural phosphorus and calcium available for organic production.


Total Nitrogen (N)1.0
Available phophate (P2O5)29.0
Calcium (Ca)31.0


Trace Elements

Cobalt (Co)0.53 ppm
Iron (Fe)100 ppm
Zinc (Zn)190 ppm


Organic Garden Raw Bone Meal Application Instructions

Product Name: Raw Bone Meal

Type: Organic Fertilizer

Usage: Soil Amendment and Source of Phosphorus and Calcium

Step-by-Step Application Guide:

1. Preparing for Application:

  • Ensure your organic garden is ready for planting and has well-draining soil.
  • Conduct a soil test to determine its phosphorus levels and the need for bone meal.

2. Choosing the Right Time:

  • Apply raw bone meal before planting, during initial growth stages, or when transplanting.
  • Avoid applying in excessive amounts or too frequently to prevent nutrient imbalances.

3. Dosage Guidelines:

  • Refer to the product packaging for specific dosage recommendations. Adhere closely to prevent over-application.
  • Typically, apply 1-2 tablespoons per square foot of garden area.

4. Application Methods: Select one of the following methods:

a. Incorporation:

  • Sprinkle the recommended amount of raw bone meal evenly over the soil surface.
  • Gently rake or till the soil to mix the bone meal into the top layer (1-2 inches) of soil.

b. Planting Holes:

  • When transplanting or planting seeds, place a small amount of bone meal in the planting hole before adding soil and the plant.
  • This helps provide direct contact between the roots and nutrients.

c. Row Application:

  • For row crops, apply bone meal along the sides of the rows or furrows before covering with soil.

5. Watering After Application:

  • Water the garden thoroughly after applying bone meal to aid in its dissolution and nutrient absorption.

6. Maintenance and Precautions:

  • Avoid excessive use of bone meal, as high phosphorus levels can negatively impact soil health.
  • Monitor your plants for signs of over-fertilization, such as excessive foliage growth but limited flowering/fruiting.

7. Storage and Handling:

  • Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Seal the package tightly to prevent moisture infiltration and maintain the quality of the bone meal.

8. Additional Tips:

  • Combine raw bone meal with compost or other organic fertilizers to create a more balanced nutrient mix.
  • Rotate your crops annually to avoid phosphorus buildup in the soil.

Remember, adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines and considering the specific needs of your garden are crucial for successful and safe application. Strive for responsible and sustainable gardening practices to nurture your organic garden's health and productivity.


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