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Organic Living Plant Food - NPK 1.39, 1.73, 1.18
  • Organic Living Plant Food - NPK 1.39, 1.73, 1.18


    Organic Compost - Organic Worm Casting - Organic Mushroom Substrate - Organic Biofish - Organic Alphalpha Meal - Organic Limestone


    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Nitrogen (%N) 1.39

    Total Phosphate (%P2O5) 1.73

    Total Potash (%K2O) 1.18

    Sodium (%NA) 0.34

    Calcium (%CA) 3.89

    Magnesium (%Mg) 1.21

    Zinc (%ZN) 0.0269

    Iron (%FE) 0.6136

    Manganese (%MN) 0.0378

    Copper (%CU) 0.0036

    Boron (%B) 0.0055


    Organic Living Plant Food is a premium blend of organic compost, organic worm castings, and organic matter designed to nourish and promote the health and vitality of plants. This carefully crafted plant food harnesses the power of natural ingredients to provide essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms for optimal plant growth.

    The foundation of Organic Living Plant Food is organic compost, a nutrient-rich soil amendment created from decomposed organic matter. This compost contains a diverse range of organic materials, such as vegetable scraps, yard trimmings, and plant residues. It is teeming with beneficial microorganisms that work harmoniously to break down organic matter, releasing vital nutrients and improving soil structure.

    Adding to the nutrient value, organic worm castings are blended into the plant food. Worm castings are the rich organic matter produced by earthworms as they digest organic material. These castings are a potent source of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients. Additionally, worm castings harbor beneficial microbes that aid in nutrient absorption, disease suppression, and overall plant health.

    To further enhance the plant food's effectiveness, organic matters are included. These may consist of plant-based materials like alfalfa, kelp, or other organic residues. These organic matters contribute additional nutrients, trace elements, and growth-promoting substances that nourish plants and support their vigorous development.

    By using Organic Living Plant Food, gardeners and growers can enjoy a host of benefits. The organic compost enriches the soil, improving its structure and water-holding capacity, while the worm castings and organic matters supply a balanced blend of nutrients necessary for plant growth. The presence of beneficial microorganisms enhances soil fertility, promotes nutrient availability, and strengthens the plant's natural defense against pests and diseases.

    Organic Living Plant Food is an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fertilizers, as it is made from natural, renewable resources. It supports sustainable gardening and organic farming practices by minimizing the use of chemical additives and reducing the risk of environmental contamination.

    Whether used in flower beds, vegetable gardens, or potted plants, Organic Living Plant Food offers a holistic approach to plant nutrition, nurturing both the soil and the plants it sustains. It provides a reliable and eco-friendly solution to promote lush, vibrant, and healthy plants, ensuring a bountiful harvest and beautiful blooms.

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