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Living Soil seed starting mix 3 gallons bag
  • Living Soil seed starting mix 3 gallons bag

    3 Gallons bag



    • Organic Coco Coir
    • Organic Peat Moss
    • Perlite
    • Vermiculite
    • Organic Northeast Worms Worm Casting
    • Organic Alphalpha Meal


    This soil mix is perfect to use with house plants, succulent and cactus and bonsai.

    How to use:

    Add water before to spread in the growing cells. Do not overwatering. Final consistency should be like a sponge, if squeezed only few drops should come out.


    Introducing our premium Living Soil Seed Starting Mix – the essential foundation for nurturing your plants from the very beginning. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this exceptional blend is designed to give your seeds the perfect environment for germination and early growth, ensuring a strong and vigorous start to your gardening journey.

    Key Features:

    • Natural Vitality: Our seed starting mix is enriched with a diverse array of organic matter, including composted plant material and beneficial microorganisms. This natural vitality supports optimal nutrient availability and root development, promoting robust growth in your seedlings.

    • Microbial Harmony: We've carefully selected beneficial microbes to foster a symbiotic relationship with your plants. These microbes facilitate nutrient uptake, enhance disease resistance, and create a balanced soil ecosystem that promotes long-term plant health.

    • Moisture Retention: Maintaining the right level of moisture is crucial during the delicate seedling stage. Our mix boasts excellent water retention properties, reducing the risk of over or underwatering and providing a consistent moisture level that your seeds require for successful germination.

    • Aeration and Drainage: Healthy root systems require both moisture and oxygen. Our seed starting mix offers optimal aeration and drainage, preventing root rot and allowing roots to breathe as they establish themselves.

    • Nutrient Boost: Packed with natural nutrients and minerals, this mix provides a gentle nutritional boost to your young plants. The gradual release of essential elements supports steady growth and minimizes the need for additional fertilization in the early stages.

    • pH Balance: Maintaining the correct pH range is essential for nutrient absorption. Our seed starting mix is formulated with pH-balancing ingredients to ensure that your seedlings can access the full spectrum of nutrients they need.

    • Versatility: Whether you're starting seeds indoors or in an outdoor garden bed, our seed starting mix adapts seamlessly to different environments, giving you the flexibility to cultivate a wide variety of plants with confidence.

    • Eco-Friendly: We're committed to sustainable gardening practices. Our seed starting mix is made from renewable and organic materials, reducing your ecological footprint and contributing to the health of the planet.

    Embark on your gardening journey with the assurance that our Living Soil Seed Starting Mix provides the ideal foundation for strong, vibrant, and thriving seedlings. Join countless gardeners who have chosen this mix to kickstart their plants' growth with the power of living soil. Nurture your seeds with the care they deserve and witness the beauty of a flourishing garden that begins right from the very soil it's rooted in.

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