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Reproduction Bin Starter Kit
  • Reproduction Bin Starter Kit

    Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to start your own red wigglers reproduction bin? Look no further than Northeast Worms! We're excited to offer a special deal on our Red Wigglers Reproduction Bin Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to get started.

    Our kit includes one or two pounds of Pure Red Wigglers Worms, depending on your needs. These worms are carefully selected for their exceptional composting abilities, making them the perfect addition to your composting system or garden.


    Our organic bedding special kit is also included in the kit, which provides the perfect environment for your worms to thrive. It's made from the highest quality organic materials, ensuring your worms have the best possible living conditions. The Kit includes:

    • one or two pounds of our PURE RED WIGGLERS
    • 6 Gallons of Organic special mix
    • 3 Gallons of organic Compost
    • 10 pounds of organic Spent Mushroom substrate (SMS)
    • 25 oz. of our special formula WORM CHOW
    • 20" x 30" Burlap Worm Blanket

    Watch the video on how to use our special bedding mix on YouTube HERE

    Watch The video on how to use the organic Spent Mushroom substrate on YouTube HERE

    We're also including 10 pounds of Spent Mushroom Substrate in the kit, which is a fantastic source of nutrients for your worms. This substrate is rich in organic material, and it can help improve soil structure, retain moisture, and promote healthy plant growth.

    The Red Wigglers Reproduction Bin Starter Kit has everything you need to start your own reproduction bin, and it's designed to last for 3+ months. It's an easy and affordable way to get started with worm composting and to create your own supply of worms for your garden or to share with friends and family.


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