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Why a Seed Starting Mix is very important?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Witnessing a seed developing into a fully grown plant is one of the greatest satisfaction in gardening. However, seed sprouting is also a delicate process that requires adequate conditions where the growing medium plays a key role.

Seed-starting mix is a soil-less medium used for growing plants from seed. It’s a far better choice for starting seeds than standard potting soil because it’s finer and lighter, making it easier for tiny seedling roots to grow. A good seed starting mix should hold onto water without being soggy, too, because seedlings can rot if they stay too wet and for that reason we designed our Northeast Worms Organic Seed starting mix, our special soilless blend give to the young plants all the support and the nutrients they need until the final transplant.

Another reason seed-starting mix is so much better than soil: Your seedlings won’t be exposed to mold or fungi. Soil can hold too much moisture and cause a condition called damping off, a fungal disease that makes seedlings wither where their stem meets the soil. When that happens, they die. You’ll get better growth and happier seedlings with a soil-less mix like the Northeast Worms Organic Seed starting mix.

Northeast Worms Organic Seed starting mix is way more airy, fluffy, and light weight than regular potting mix. This is important to increase the germination rate. The roots developed by the energy on a seed of a few milligrams cannot be massive. The seeds do not have enough energy for those.

Hence, if the soil is compact, hard, with rough material in it, the seed roots have fewer chances to develop. This, in turn, reduces the chances of germination dramatically, this is why you should not place seeds too deep. The smaller the seeds, the more superficial it should be as it does not have the energy sufficient to develop long stems.

On the other hand, despite still being fluffy, potting soil is generally way more coarse than seed starting mix. Potting soil quite often contains compost that might not be totally broken down. More than often you will find pieces of woody material, small stones (if bad quality), and similar. This is not a problem for a grown plant that passed the first delicate stage of development but can be a problem for a young seedling that are growing delicate roots.

Northeast Worms Organic Seed starting mix special formula is designed for all seeds and cuttings, promote root grow and support your young plant until transplant. The Northeast Worms Organic Seed starting mix is full of living bacteria and beneficial fungi, thanks to our main ingredients like our Organic Worm Casting and our Bio Char the seed starting mix is a living grow media, bacteria and fungi break down all the ingredients that are immediately available for the young plants. We designed our mix after years of starting plants in our basement in a grow tent with a germination rate very close to 100%. Our plants are thriving and the transplant to our outside garden was very smooth and we do not lost one plant. Just take your plants outside gradually and give them the time to get used to direct sun.

  • Fine-textured blend promotes rapid germination and vigorous seedlings

  • Provides excellent drainage for healthy root growth

  • A living soil mix that plants need to thrive

  • Promotes nutrient and water uptake

  • Pest free, Worm Casting contains “Chitinase” that is known to repel and kill destructive insects like aphids.

  • Alfalfa Meal contains a growth hormones called Triacontanol. This is a natural growth hormone that may aid your plants to grow larger and thicker.


  • Sphagnum Peat Moss

  • Worm Casting

  • Bio Char

  • Perlite

  • Vermiculite

  • Alfalfa Meal

  • Limestone

  • Yucca Extract

  • Molasses

With Northeast Worms Organic Seed starting mix plants grow larger, with more flowers and fruits, and have better resistance both to some pests and pathogens, and stresses such as drought.

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